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OASA - Online Academy for Social Art

By Joan Sleigh

OASA - in part inspired by the AAAT - is your online hub for accessible webinars that bring people together across Africa and various time zones. We're more than just a platform – we're a community of genuine researchers committed to diversity and social change through a spiritual lens. Inspired by Anthroposophy and backed by the World Social Initiative Forum (WSIF), OASA was initiated by Joan Sleigh, Angela Katschke, and Khalil Rossouw.

Join us in fostering connections, promoting truth, and making a positive impact on our global community in our upcoming modules:

Inner Development through Contemplative Practice - soul-spiritual transformation and development.

7 May - 11 June 2024


Leadership Development as a Social Art

2 July - 6 August 2024


Nature Observation and Phenomenology

3 September - 8 October 2024

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