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Educational methods & Eurythmy Therapy for Trauma

We are posting a little about the different workshops on our blog. Here is a little more about the workshop originally called Trauma and Eurythmy Therapy.

By Julia O'Leary and Kiki Sanne

The intention of this workshop is to bring an understanding of trauma. How do we recognise trauma? And how can we work with trauma in a practical and effective way?

We plan to give a clear picture of the different levels of trauma, the "wound of the soul", and of how we can, with practical exercises, rhythm, games, handicrafts, art and movement, find a way to help those who have had a crisis in their lives. We will look at the Pedagogical approach as well as the Therapeutic approach with an understanding of the three-fold human being.

We will include a cognitive, an active and a healing part to each day.

There will be a case history and other situations referred to as learning material.

In the Eurythmy Therapy, we will come into movement and gesture. Eurythmy is an ensouled movement which strengthens the connection between body and soul that has become loosened during the traumatic event and is therefore particularly suited to help overcome trauma.

This workshop will support you as a participnt to discover how we, as facilitators of human development, can meet stress, fear and anxiety in today's social encounters.

We look forward to sharing and learning with you!

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