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Biodynamic Training of Trainers Workshop: 19-23 August 2024

Updated: May 31

By Angela Hoffman and Oliver Venance

Dear Farming Friends,

The Biodynamic workshop during the AAAT is directed at newcomers to this method of farming. It is a basic course, a door opener, where the holistic idea of a biodynamic farm and working in it will be explained. For those of you who have experience in BD, this is therefore not for you.

However, BEFORE the AAAT we will be hosting a Training of Trainers workshop!

The workshop will be run by Angela Hofmann and Helen Van Zyl.

We will work 5 whole days on this. We will dedicate each day to one topic: 

Soil - Plant - Animal - Human - Economics

We will go deeper into:

 -  The agricultural course of Rudolf Steiner,

 -  Preparation making, 

 -  The use of the preparations 

 - Different aspects of working with the moon calendar

 -  How to conduct a fruitful training?

Of course we will also seek to answer the questions brought by the participants.

Please let us know if you wish to join this workshop as soon as possible!

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