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Heartfelt request for support

of the All African Anthroposophic Training


Dear Friends of Africa!

The AAAT is an initiative of people from different African countries. They met at the final module of the International Postgraduate Medical Training/IPMT of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum in Cape Town and wished to have an inter-professional anthroposophical basic training in the same style as the IPMT, where they could get to know, learn about and deepen their knowledge of anthroposophic inspired professions in intensive courses over the course of one week.

Thus, a local preparatory group was first formed in Nairobi/Kenya. They sent out an invitation to the very first AAAT in August 2018. This was followed by a second initiative in Kufunda Village/Zimbabwe in 2019, a third after the Corona break in Tanzania in 2021, and a fourth in Uganda in 2022.  This year, the five-module training concept rounds off in Zanzibar and will continue again next year with Module I in West Africa.

For the intense work to happen, it is essential for everyone to live under one roof in a quiet environment and in premises that allow both the joint morning eurythmy in a hall suitable for this purpose and the daily Goetheanistic nature observations outside in small groups. The booking of a suitable venue therefore, makes up the main burden of the costs - in addition, there has to be the necessary support for the participants, who can only bear part or a small part of the costs for travel, accommodation and food themselves. Thus, the expense for this work amounts to 30 - 40,000 € per week and year for preparation and realisation of the AAAT. I am very familiar with the same order of magnitude for donations from years of carrying out the International Postgraduate Medical Training/ IPMT in financially weak countries. Even doctors sometimes earn in magnitudes that we cannot imagine in Europe. In Africa, the social situation is even more precarious in many places - but everyone contributes what they can to the expenses. The lecturers forego anyclaim for a fee, and, wherever possible, also bear their own flight and travel costs.

We are extremely grateful that, with the help of the support of anthroposophic oriented foundations, we have so far been able to hold the AAAT working weeks. In 2023, however, we received far less support than in the past, and in the end it was made possible in the end through contributions by friends and believers in this work.


It has been wonderful to realise that through many small donations from people who love Africa, we have been able - and may contibue to be able to generate a warmth that can inspire and accompany our work.

With heartfelt thanks on behalf of the preparation team for reading this appeal for donations for the 2024 AAAT and considering whether and how much you can help -


Michaela Glöckler and the AAAT Core Team





Your donations are tax deductible in Germany and Switzerland. We will gladly send you a donation receipt. However, we need the complete postal address of the donor on the bank transfer. Then we can send out the official acknowledgements in the first quarter of the coming year. If the donor's postal address is missing from the transfer, we will not be able to allocate the donation by name and we will not be able to thank the donor. Please do not forget to include the address of the ELIANT Foundation as the recipient of the transfer, because without this address, the banks cannot process the payment transactions. Donations via PayPal are unfortunately not possible because you cannot specify the intended purpose there, which would mean that the ELIANT accounting department would not be able to allocate the donation to the AAAT Support Fund.


Donation accounts:

In Switzerland:


Amthausstrasse 12, CH 4143 Dornach

IBAN: CH52 8080 8004 3549 7450 9


Recipient address:

ELIANT Foundation

Brosiweg 45

CH 4143 Dornach


Intended purpose: AAAT Support Fund


In Germany:

GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG

Christstr. 9, D - 44789 Bochum

IBAN: DE84 4306 0967 7049 5715 00


Recipient address :

ELIANT gGmbH Foundation

Stockholmer Platz 5

DE 70173 Stuttgart


Intended purpose: AAAT Support Fund

How to Donate

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