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2018 Conference Kenya

The first All Africa Anthroposophical Training took place in Kenya from the 1st – 8th August. Nearly 70 delegates were hosted by the Franciscan Family Centre at Karen in Nairobi. The welcome we received from Vincent, Bruno and Julia was heart-warming and our hosts offered an excellent venue...


2021 Conference Tanzania

The 3rd All Africa Anthroposophical Training (AAAT) conference took place in Vikindu Tanzania during the second week of December 2021. The theme of the conference was THE STAGES OF INITIATION from chapter 2 of the book ‘How to know higher worlds” by Rudolf Steiner.

There was an emphasis on interactive learning in which participants were engaged from the design stage to the end of the conference and after. 



2019 Conference Zimbabwe

The second conference  took place in Zimbabwe from the 27th August - 3rd September. 115 delegates were hosted by Kufunda Learning Village just outside Harare.

​We will shortly be uploading updates and reflections on this training here.

2022 Conference Uganda

The fourth AAAT took place in Uganda organised by the Greenlight project. It was a wonderful gathering on the shores of Lake Victoria, with 111 participants, learning together from especially East Africa. It was an important gathering to experience the Waldorf and Organic movements being pioneered by the Greenlight Collaborative.  

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