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Human Development and Social Competence

All Africa Anthroposophic Training

12 - 19 December 2021

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

2021 Design of the Conference

The 3rd All Africa Anthroposophical Training (AAAT) conference will take place in Vikindu Tanzania during the second week of December 2021. The theme of the conference will be THE STAGES OF INITIATION from chapter 2 of the book ‘How to know higher worlds” by Rudolf Steiner.

As we plan the conference, we intend to create a big impact and lasting results, which we believe is the best way we can honor the founder of anthroposophy, our generous sponsors and the selfless speakers and facilitators. We have in mind a thought provoking, inspiring, and learner friendly experience. 

This time the learning will be made even more interactive. We intend to engage participants from the design stage to the end of the conference and after. Experiences from the last conferences, especially the last one at Harare, have provided us with important lessons that will help us in optimizing our design. Our major assumption is that the majority of participants will be new to the subjects to be covered. 

We have created the following guideposts to achieve this objective,

1. Hands on, practical and interactive. Workshops will take place in demonstration fields as much as possible. 

2. A brief overview of subjects covered in previous conferences will be obtained from respective groups for sharing around, to provide context on which to build the next stage of the learning experience

3. Facilitators will be requested to provide lesson outlines and interactive and reference materials for participants as early as possible, at least 2 months before the conference. 

4. The lesson outlines and reference materials will be made available online. Facilitators will be encouraged to open blogs to facilitate online dialogues especially these times of COVID 19. 

5. Participants will be expected to have prepared themselves well for the workshop, based on the lesson outlines, background and reference materials suggested by facilitators.  

6. Local groups will be required to organize a series of roundtables in their areas, preferably in different locations in order to involve and engage as many prospective candidates as possible virtually. These should include authorities, experts and students in the field. Experiences from these roundtables will inform the conference workshops. They will be made available to facilitators in advance of the conference. 

7. To enhance group learning, participants will be encouraged to share biographies and life experiences, to exchange testimonies from personal transformations, and to compare knowledge on the subject from different perspectives and traditions based on discoveries from their own investigation, observations and readings.

8. Ideas, inquiries, and clarifications before the conference will be encouraged.

9. We will try to make life during the conference as convenient as possible within the means available, in transportation, lodgings and foods. Much of the food will be vegetarian. Vegans and other special diets will be organized by advance booking

10. Moderators will be available at all times from the planning stage to manage the interactions


Please indicate the workshop of your choice ahead of time for further communication with your workshop leader prior to the conference. We will have several virtual meetings with smaller groups 1 month before the conference and assignments to bring during the conference. 

1. Threefold Social Order, Meditation by Rashidi Mbuguni

2. African Village Development by Angela Hoffman 

3. Biodynamic Farming by Angela Hoffman 

4. Practical course: External applications in baby nursing and midwifery with Julia Schad 

5. Anthroposophical Medicine with Dr. Friedeman Schad 

6. Initiating the Waldorf Education in Africa with Joan Sleigh 

7. Children with Special Needs with Dr. Andrea Seeman

8. Yoga/meditation - Spiritual healing and counselling by Saada and Juma Rashidi

9. Child Developmental stages from the womb to adulthood By Tabitha Wangeci


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