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The All African Anthroposophic Training brings general teachings from Anthroposophy to participants from across Africa who have an interest in human development. 


The first AAAT took place in Kenya, then Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda, Zanzibar and now we will gather this August in Botswana at Camphill Community Trust in Otse, South East of Gaborone.

We come together to learn from the wisdom of nature, studying and experiencing soul development practices, we will engage in different practical workshops that bring skills out of anthroposophy  (biodynamic farming, special needs education, arts and architecture, eurythmy, child development, health and therapy, Waldorf, youth care, the art of community building), and much more.

The AAAT is a generative weaving of the networks of Africans who are working in different contexts and countries. Together we discover what more becomes possible when we engage with each other, and connect with our initiatives. 

The training is enabled and supported by highly skilled leaders from the different fields relating to the fruits of Anthroposophy.


The 2024 All Africa Anthroposophic Training will be held in Botswana from August 25th - September 1st. It will be a week of deep immersion across different disciplines that have all been enriched and enlightened through anthroposophy.


The first All Africa Anthroposophic Training took place in Kenya in 2018. Since then we have been to Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda and Zanzibar. Read more about each one here. 

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